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Pakistan Petrol Price Today | Pakistan Diesel Price | Kerosene Price

Last RevisionJune 15,2024
Petrol (Euro 10)PKR       / Litre
Petrol (Euro 5)PKR      258.16 / Litre
High Speed DieselPKR      267.89 / Litre
Light Speed DieselPKR      156.13 / Litre
Kerosene OilPKR      171.81 / Litre
Jet Fuel (JP1)PKR      193.78 / Litre

Petrol Diesel Price Revision History for One Year

DatePetrol (Euro 10)Petrol (Euro 5)High Speed DieselLight Speed DieselKerosene OilJet Fuel (JP1)
June 15,2024258.16267.89156.13171.81193.78
June 01,2024268.36270.22157.29171.61198.98
May 16,2024273.1274.08161.17173.48215.83
May 01,2024288.49281.96168.71183.34222.23
April 16,2023293.94290.38174.34193.08220.87
April 01,2024289.41282.24167.8186.39215.15
March 16,2024279.75285.56168.18188.66215.15
March 1,2024279.75287.33170.3190.01223.7
February 16,2024275.62287.33171.44188.57211.62
February 1,2024272.89278.96166.86186.62216.09
January 16,2024259.34276.21164.83186.86211.36
January 1,2024267.34276.21165.75188.83
December 16,2023267.34276.21164.64191.02215.98
December 1,2023281.34289.71175.93201.16224.73
November 01,2023283.38303.18189.46211.03237.51
October 1,2023323.38318.18237.28
September 16,2023331.38329.18220.22244.81277.51
September 01,2023305.36311.84210.13233.52264.3
August 16,2023290.45293.4199.79217.15249.58
August 01,2023272.95273.4192.38
July 15,2023253253.5156.45172.39194.05
July 01,2023265260.5154.2171.05214.01
June 16,2023262253150.2164.07186.66
June 01,2023NA262253147.68164.07207.64

Petrol Diesel Price Revision History

DatePetrol (Euro 10)Petrol (Euro 5)High Speed DieselLight Speed DieselKerosene OilJet Fuel (JP1)
May 01,2023NA282288164.68176.07216.24
April 16,2023NA282293174.68186.07219.27
April 01,2023NA272293174.68180.29230.83
March 16,2023NA272293184.68190.29231.56
March 1,2023NA267280184.68187.73203.8
February 16,2023NA272280196.68202.73255.34
January 29,2023NA249.8262.8187189.83213.84
December 16,2022NA214.8227.8169171.83196.5
November 01,2022NA224.8235.3186.5191.83214
October 1,2022NA224.8235.3191.83
September 21,2022NA237.43247.43197.28202.02215.95
September 01,2022NA235.98247.43201.54210.32
August 16,2022231.41233.91244.44191.75199.4
August 01,2022224.69227.19244.95191.32201.07215.2
July 15,2022236.12230.24236191.44196.54216.08
July 01,2022255.77248.74276.54226.15230.26277.84
June 16,2022251.51233.89263.31211.43
June 03,2022236.46209.86204.15178.31181.94206.05
June 01,2022236.46179.86174.15155.56
May 27,2022213.23179.86174.15148.31155.56201.23
May 16,2022213.23149.86144.15125.56
May 01,2022194.9149.86144.15118.31125.56191.07
April 16,2022186.66149.86144.15125.56
April 01,2022189.59149.86144.15125.56
March 16,2022188.16149.86144.15118.31125.56171.25
March 16,2022149.86144.15171.25
March 01,2022161.5149.86144.15118.31125.56140.44
February 16,2022134.49159.86154.15123.97126.56140.65
February 01,2022125.83147.83144.62114.54116.48129.2
January 16,2022145.33147.83144.62114.54116.48108.96
January 01,2022142.32144.82141.62111.21113.48110.1
December 16,2021138.32140.82137.62107.06109.53105.83
December 01,2021143.33145.82142.62114.07116.53113.5
November 16,2021149.01145.82142.62114.07116.53117.05
November 05,2021146.81145.82142.62114.07116.53120.71

Premium Petrol Price in Pakistan

Find the latest Premium Petrol oil Price / Petrol Price in Pakistan. Euro 5 Petrol and E10 Petrol are being sold in Pakistan retail market. Premium Petrol meant for Euro 5 Standrad. Fuel Stations in Pakistan Revise the Petrol / Gasoline Price every fortnight as per government norms. The Petrol price in Pakistan is fixed once in 15 days by the Authority of officials in Pakistan based on the International Crude and curency Prices.

Octane E5 Petrol / Euro Petrol Price across all Cities in Pakistan

High Speed Diesel Price in Pakistan

Find the latest High Speed Diesel/ HSD Diesel Price in Pakistan today. As per Euro Standard Diesel oil is being sold in Pakistan fuel retail markets. Majority of population uses HSD or High Speed Diesel. Fuel Stations in Pakistan Revise the HSD / LSD Diesel Price every fortnight as per government norms. The Diesel price in Pakistan is fixed once in 15 days by the Authority of officials in Pakistan based on the International Crude oil and curency Prices PKR.

Diesel Price | High Speed Diesel / Ligth Speed Diesel Price across all Cities of Pakistan

Find Other Fuel oil Price

Petroleum Oil Prices in Pakistan

Petrol Price in Pakistan

Diesel Price in Pakistan

Kerosene Price in Pakistan

Jet Fuel Oil Price in Pakistan

The price of petroleum products in Pakistan is calculated based on a combination of factors that include international market conditions, exchange rates, taxation, and local pricing policies. Here's a detailed explanation of how petroleum product prices are calculated in Pakistan:

Import of Crude Oil: Pakistan relies heavily on imported crude oil to meet its energy needs. The first step in determining petroleum product prices is monitoring the international market for crude oil. The government and oil marketing companies track global crude oil prices, which can fluctuate due to geopolitical events, supply and demand dynamics, and other factors.

Exchange Rates: Since crude oil is usually priced in U.S. dollars, changes in exchange rates between the Pakistani Rupee (PKR) and the U.S. dollar can significantly impact the final prices of petroleum products. A weaker PKR against the dollar can lead to higher fuel prices in Pakistan.

Refining and Distribution Costs: The cost of refining crude oil into different petroleum products (such as gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel) and the expenses associated with transporting and distributing these products are considered in the pricing formula. This includes refining costs, transportation, and marketing expenses.

Customs Duties and Taxes: The Pakistani government imposes customs duties, excise duties, and other taxes on petroleum products. These taxes are a significant component of the final price. The government can adjust tax rates as needed to generate revenue or promote specific policies.

Dealer's Margin: Petroleum dealers and distributors also earn a margin on the sale of petroleum products. This margin is regulated by the government and is added to the cost before setting the retail prices.

OPEC and Global Oil Markets: Pakistan's import of crude oil often involves long-term contracts with oil-producing countries. The country's oil pricing formula may consider the terms of these contracts, as well as the influence of organizations like OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) on global oil prices.

Regulatory Authority's Role: The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) in Pakistan is responsible for regulating and setting the prices of petroleum products. OGRA reviews the pricing components, market conditions, and government policies to recommend adjustments to the retail prices.

Monthly Price Revision: In Pakistan, petrol and diesel prices are typically revised on a monthly basis. OGRA, in consultation with the Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division), reviews all relevant factors and announces new prices for the upcoming month. These prices are often published in the media and on the official OGRA website.

Influence of Government Subsidies: In some cases, the government may provide subsidies to keep fuel prices stable or lower than they would be based on market conditions. These subsidies can be used for various reasons, including economic stability and affordability for consumers.