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Jet Fuel oil Price in Pakistan Today

Last RevisionMay 01,2024
Jet Fuel (JP1)PKR      222.23 / Litre

Jet Fuel oil Price Revision History for One Year in Pakistan

DateCURJet Fuel (JP1)
May 01,2024PKR222.23
April 16,2023PKR220.87
April 01,2024PKR215.15
March 16,2024PKR215.15
March 1,2024PKR223.7
February 16,2024PKR211.62
February 1,2024PKR216.09
January 16,2024PKR211.36
January 1,2024PKR
December 16,2023PKR215.98
December 1,2023PKR224.73
November 01,2023PKR237.51
October 1,2023PKR
September 16,2023PKR277.51
September 01,2023PKR264.3
August 16,2023PKR249.58
August 01,2023PKR
July 15,2023PKR194.05
July 01,2023PKR214.01
June 16,2023PKR186.66
June 01,2023PKR207.64
May 16,2023PKR203.86
May 01,2023PKR216.24
April 16,2023PKR219.27

Jet Oil Price Revision History in Pakistan

DateCURJet Fuel (JP1)
March 16,2023PKR231.56
March 1,2023PKR203.8
February 16,2023PKR255.34
January 29,2023PKR213.84
December 16,2022PKR196.5
November 01,2022PKR214
October 1,2022PKR
September 21,2022PKR215.95
September 01,2022PKR
August 16,2022PKR
August 01,2022PKR215.2
July 15,2022PKR216.08
July 01,2022PKR277.84
June 16,2022PKR
June 03,2022PKR206.05
June 01,2022PKR
May 27,2022PKR201.23
May 16,2022PKR
May 01,2022PKR191.07
April 16,2022PKR
April 01,2022PKR
March 16,2022PKR171.25
March 16,2022PKR171.25
March 01,2022PKR140.44
February 16,2022PKR140.65
February 01,2022PKR129.2
January 16,2022PKR108.96
January 01,2022PKR110.1
December 16,2021PKR105.83
December 01,2021PKR113.5
November 16,2021PKR117.05
November 05,2021PKR120.71
November 01,2021PKR120.71
October 16,2021PKR112.64
October 01,2021PKR100.63

Jet Fuel Petrol Price in Pakistan

Find the latest Flight Fuel oil Price / Jet Fuel Oil Price in Pakistan. Jet Petrol / Jet Fuel is also called as Jet Fuel. The Jet Fuel price is fixed once in 15 days by the Authority of officials in Pakistan based on the International Crude and curency Prices.

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