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Kurram Agency City Code / phone Dialing code / Area code 926 Pakistan

CountryLocationArea / Dialling / City code
PakistanKurram Agency926

Kurram Agency Telephone Calling Dailing Code +92 / 0 926


Kurram Agency

Phone Code / Dial Code / City Code


Dial Code Pattern ( With in Pkistan )

0 926
Dial from Outside Pakistan +92 926


Kurram Agency



The city code or phone code or STD area code or dial code for Kurram Agency is 926. This code is required when you are trying to dial any fixed landline phone. Before dialing any such line the prefix of the above code must be used to make correct phone call.

Kurram Agency Telephone City Dial Code | Location of 926 City Code

How to make call / dial to Kurram Agency ?

If you are calling from Inside Pakistan

0 - 926 - XXXXXXXX (Receiver Phone number)

If you are calling from Outside Pakistan

+ 92 - 926 - XXXXXXXX ( Receiver phone number) ( International call)

Kurram Agency City Code / Telephone Dial Code

City telephone dial Code for Kurram Agency

Telephone City Code of Kurram Agency in Pakistan

Telephone Dialing Phone code for Kurram Agency

How to make International Call from Kurram Agency

Location / Area of City Code 926

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Pakistan Phone Codes

Pakistan has several phone codes that are essential for communication within the country. The primary area code for Pakistan is "+92". The country is divided into multiple regions, and each region has its own specific area code. Some notable area codes include:

It's important to use the correct area code when dialing within Pakistan to ensure your call reaches the intended location. Additionally, Pakistan's country code, "+92," is used when making international calls to Pakistan. These phone codes are vital for efficient communication across the country.