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Trace GPS location map of mobile number in pakistan

If You want to track the GPS location of any mobile number in pakistan, please understand that particular mobile number should use the smart mobile phone with GPS network enabled, Otherwise GPS tracking is impossible. If the GPS Tracking App is enabled and shared with others, any one can view the GPS location of the cellphone number. If the Wireless network is turned down or inactive, we may not abe able to view the GPS tracking location info. Please dont think that, every one will have the GPS tracking App enabled and shared with others because it purely deals the privacy of others.

In few circumstances, GPS tracking is enabled always by the mobile phone users and shared with others like, Courier service person, delivery boy, parents monitoring child movement, All Call taxi driver movement info, Govermrnt official movement info ( based on the requirement ), Friends and relatives to track / help the driving way for particular location. So if the mobile number owner wish to share the gps tracking info in public, it can be viewed by others based on the acceptance and the type of App they use. But generally they tend to circulate among their own groups and circles.

When GPS location of phone can be tracked ?

  1. If you have installed Android device manager in your Android mobile phone
  2. If you have valid I cloud account in your IOS mobile phone
  3. If GPS Location tracking is enabled in mobile phone
  4. When Text messages / Emais are sent from the mobile
  5. When Internet is turned On
  6. when the calls are made / received
  7. when the browsing history updated and refeeshed
  8. while Using Social media like facebook / twitter etc

Can we find the lost mobile phone using GPS tracking ?

If It's a smart phone and if you know your serial number then its possible. Additionally If you have installed any mobile tracking software / GPS tracking location software, then its fantastic and we can easily reach near your cell phone. But getting the phone from the respective person is the huge task, needs to be managed by you or with support of others. But the phoen can be locked immediately for others to avoid using any more with immediate effect.

Can we monitor the GPS tracking / location of my office / family & friends ?

Yes ! you can very well do it with out any hesitation. Select any GPS tracking location app in android / IOs phone , then do the following

  • Select / Download the GPS tracking Location App from Store
  • Install the App in all phones in the work group / Family
  • Allow the Access to every one / limit based on the requirement
  • Accept the settings in each phone to share the GPS tracking & location info
  • Monitor the GPS location movement of each mobile phone number among the network.
  • If the App allwos to share with others, then its possible to sharethe GPS tracking info among others like customers, Police etc.
  • It may not work, if the network connection is terminated or switched off
  • But last signal point can be captured | Also setting changes can be tracked easily