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Trace Vehicle Number Ownership in New Frontier - Verify Name, Address & Vehicle Information

Now you can check vehicle location, registration details, ownership, vehicle history for all types of vehicle like car, Bike, Van , Truck , etc. It's great news for all of us !

Now, tracing the vehicle ownership and all relevent information becomes very easy ! You can simply visit the below official sites to know the complete vehicle information in pakistan! Its absolutely free and legal. You can query any no.of vehicles by just inputting the regsitration number as per the province code.. MTMIS ( Motor Transport management Information system ) has launched online portal to verify the ownership and vehicle information registered in pakistan. Now we can simply enter the registered vehicle number to get the complete information aboout the vehicle

You can also find such vehicle tracking information for Sindh province as given below !

Vehicle Ownership Verification For khyber pakhtunkhwa ( North West Frontier


khyber pakhtunkhwa Vehicle Code for Vehicle Registration (Bike, Car, Truck, Van, Bus)

Area CodeLocationProvince
ADAbbottabadkhyber pakhtunkhwa
BNBahawalnagarkhyber pakhtunkhwa
BRBahawalpurkhyber pakhtunkhwa
BUBannukhyber pakhtunkhwa
CHChitralkhyber pakhtunkhwa
DNDera Ismail Khankhyber pakhtunkhwa
DRDir khyber pakhtunkhwa
HAHazarakhyber pakhtunkhwa
KHKohistankhyber pakhtunkhwa or Khanewal
KTKohatkhyber pakhtunkhwa
MAMansehrakhyber pakhtunkhwa
MRMardankhyber pakhtunkhwa
PRPeshawarkhyber pakhtunkhwa

Online Verification for Bike, Car, Bus, Van, Truck in khyber pakhtunkhwa

khyber pakhtunkhwa Online Vehicle Verification

Vehicle Registration Information in khyber pakhtunkhwa

Vehicle Number Registration Tracking in khyber pakhtunkhwa Pakistan

Verify Online khyber pakhtunkhwa - Car Registration Information

Verify Online khyber pakhtunkhwa - Bike Registration Information

Verify Online khyber pakhtunkhwa - Truck & BUS Registration Information

Verify Online khyber pakhtunkhwa - Van Registration Information

Online Vehicle Verification can e checked at the locations of Abbottabad, Bannu, Batkhela, Batkhela HPO, Charsadda, Chitral, Dera Ismail Khan and Haripur,. Search Vehicle Owner history and registration details of Karak, Kohat, Mansehra, Mardan, Nowshera, Peshawar, Saidu Shairf, Saidu Sharif, Sawabi, Tank and Lahore Cantt.